Joyous Dancer

This glorious black-eyed susan,  joyously pirouetting on a most perfect summer’s evening, was one of the highlights of our recent  visit to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine. The gardens usually close at 6:00 in the summer, but this was a member evening so we had the pleasure of shooting in the magical evening light until 7:30.

We’d been looking forward to this evening all month, so we were a bit dismayed when raindrops started to fall as soon as we arrived. But the shower passed quickly and the rest of the evening was just, well, picture-perfect!

I processed this graceful dancer in PS with RadLab (customized setting) and a touch of Topaz Detail, then added layers of Ovid Banished (Flypaper Textures) and Jai Johnson’s Touch of Autumn canvas texture.