Pink Apricot Serenade

The daylilies in our garden have given us a magnificent show all summer. Although most of them have finished blooming, we are lucky that the most majestic of them all is still strutting her stuff.

She is called Pink Apricot Serenade, and she holds court in the far upper corner of our garden where she can be seen and enjoyed up close and from afar.

This majestic beauty may have been the most glorious all season. Wider than my hand span (about 7 inches) and bursting with life, she summoned me to shoot what would have been many rolls of film, and I’m so thankful that digital photography gives me that freedom! The early evening light was magical, and shooting toward the west gave me a lovely background.

Processed in Photoshop with a touch of Oil Paint from Snap Art 4 and 2 textures (Caspian and Brushed Rose) from Flypaper Textures, using Adobe Paper Textures.